Challenge call for corporate and R&D response to COVID19 health crisis in Serbia



Mechanical ventilators

Short description:

Development and production of mechanical ventilators ready for commercial use.


Institute Mihajlo Pupin Automatika doo

Requested Budget:

355.500 USD

Time frame:

24 months
Problem: The rapid spread of Covid-19 has disrupted health centres around the planet by increased demand for systems that help critical patients’ oxygen supply - ventilators. In addition to being relatively expensive, hospital ventilators were also difficult to obtain on the market at this time. The incapability of the producers to meet the needs of health facilities around the world shows that the production is not fully adapted to mass production technologies. What is more, when it comes to the quality, some existing mechanical ventilators are rudimental and have very simple control mechanisms, i.e. fixed parameters, and therefore are not safe.
Solution: The solution is to develop and produce mechanical ventilators ready for commercial use, with a production capacity of a minimum of 10 ventilators per day. This project plans to incorporate the following into its design of a mechanical ventilator: • Controller with advanced algorithms and regulation • Mechanical ventilation based on proportional valves from the medical installation under constant air and Oxygen pressure • Controlled electromagnetic valves for functioning of the other ventilator segments • Sensors which measure the pressure, the flow and Oxygen concentration in the ventilator • Easy controls through a touch-sensitive screen, where ventilation parameters can be managed, and the process monitored • Possibility of remote monitoring of each patient’s condition through a WiFi and ethernet module. This allows precise control of mechanic ventilation for patients. All electronics and hardware are already in use on previously developed devices, primarily in the field of electricity and water management, and would be adapted for the development of mechanical ventilation devices. Estimations are that the price of producing the device would be 4.000 euros, which is less than the price of standard devices of the same range on the market. Daily production capacity would be 10 devices, with the possibility of scaling up the production capacities by adapting technologies of mass production. The device would be certified for the medical CE mark and be available at the EU market and others where this certificate is valid.
Additional info: Given the length of project implementation, this idea is a long-term investment in the production of affordable ventilators. The proposer is a relevant and experienced institution. Given its level of innovation, it would need to be further elaborated and assessed.