Challenge call for corporate and R&D response to COVID19 health crisis in Serbia



With visors on the front line

Short description:

Production of visors for workers at high risk of exposure to Covid-19.


All In One Business Center doo

Requested Budget:

80.000 USD

Time frame:

6 months
Problem: By protecting the entire surface of the face, including mouth, nose and eyes, the use of a visor greatly reduces the possibility of contracting diseases transmitted by droplets, such as Covid-19. Therefore, providing visors for all those with frequent contacts in their line of work, such as medical workers, service providers, the military and the police is of key importance for their personal protection, as well as for sustaining the spread of the virus. In the current health crisis, there is immediate need for this kind of equipment, but it could also have long-term significance in protection of workers against other health threatening agents (e.g. chemicals).
Solution: This solution involves the production of 15.000 visors within 6 months and their donation to those who are most at risk in their line of work. Following the WHO guidelines, this company repurposed the machines and materials otherwise used for production of marketing materials to make newly designed visors instead. The completely transparent and impact resistant visors cover the face both from the front and from the sides, presenting a physical barrier against droplets transmission. Being made of sturdy materials, they are easily disinfected and cleaned for reuse. The adjustable strap feature ensures the visors are comfortable to wear
Additional info: This solution could have a high impact in protecting service providers, caretakers and other groups which are at high risk of exposure. It is sustainable and proposes an innovative and quick approach in repurposing the existing equipment. The company already tested a prototype made according to their original design. To continue production, they need to procure material (PET-G) used for making the visors. Their daily production capacity is 125 visors. The company would also be able to ensure the distribution of visors throughout Serbia.