Challenge call for corporate and R&D response to COVID19 health crisis in Serbia



A platform for connecting 3D printing community

Short description:

Development of a common platform for actors from 3D printing community, able to produce visors and respond to challenges in a health crisis immediately and efficiently.


Republic of the third dimension doo

Requested Budget:

71.500 USD

Time frame:

12 months
Problem: One of the biggest challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, with shortage of items in demand and difficulties in transportation of goods, was how to procure the equipment necessary for saving lives in time. Answers to this challenge showed the importance of local organization and support. In many cases it was the solidarity, donations and immediate action of individuals and small private companies that offered innovative solutions and made up for the lack of various products in the market, such as masks and visors. If scaled up, the capacities engaged in urgent response may provide a solution for the long-term crisis resilience.
Solution: To produce visors using 3D printing technology and to scale up a common platform for individual actors belonging to a 3D printing community in Serbia and the region. The goal is to establish continuous and well-organized cooperation among 3D community and build a strong base for an immediate and efficient response in a health crisis. The idea comes from a team that co-initiated the get-together of 3D printing community for making 3D printed visors for the health workers in Serbia, called "The Visionaries of Serbia" (Vizionari Srbije). This community was among the first to begin prototyping and analysing which global solutions could be implemented in Serbia to help the health system. The initiative attracted over 200 volunteers with 3D printers coming from 40 towns across Serbia. They are producing 3D printed visors and have so far donated 65,000 pieces to health workers, not only in Serbia, but also in BIH and Montenegro. When scaled-up, the platform would provide guidance and information, as well as supplies to actors from the 3D printing community willing to engage, not only in the current health crisis, but also in responding to other challenges in the long run.
Additional info: The project is proposed by an active 3D printing community that has already developed a network of volunteers that produce visors and masks across Serbia. The team lead submitted a proposal for registration of 3D printed visors with the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia on 21st March 2020. The project can ensure production of up to 700 visors per day and wants to focus on marginalized groups.