Challenge call for corporate and R&D response to COVID19 health crisis in Serbia



Disinfection tunnels

Short description:

Production of stainless steel disinfection tunnels using solution of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide as disinfectant


Corten Art doo Šabac

Requested Budget:

56.000 USD

Time frame:

2 months
Problem: In order to protect wider population and suppress the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to disinfect potentially contaminated surfaces that are in direct contact with possibly infected people. Disinfection of contaminated surfaces in the open, especially in large cities, is expensive and requires a large number of workers and machinery to be engaged in the process. In places with larger circulation of people (hospitals, public institutions, supermarkets, schools), it is advisable to perform disinfection of people's bodies, clothes and shoes in order to stop potential carriers of the virus to spread it. The researchers found that coronaviruses can be neutralized within one minute if surfaces are treated with solution of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.
Solution: The use of stainless steel disinfection tunnels using solution of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is proven to be up to 15 times more efficient (in terms of water and disinfectant quantity needed) compared to traditional disinfection processes. The solution of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide is cheap, effective, environmentally friendly disinfectant that does not cause irritation to users. The tunnel uses a "Plug and play“ system which does not require training for users. The tunnel is equipped with a system of automatic movement detection that detects the person, activates the nozzles and automatically shuts off after disinfection. After going through a disinfection tunnel or cabin, the user is sure that the potential contamination with the virus has been removed and that he can safely continue with his activities. The entire system operates at pressures up to 6 bar unlike other available systems that operate at pressures of 70 bar. The product is certified and safe for the use.
Additional info: The aim of the project is to achieve greater capacity through the engagement of additional suppliers and development of new types of disinfection tunnels for various purposes, such as the line for disinfection of hand luggage and mail packages, courier services, airports, distribution centers and tunnels for disinfection of passenger and freight vehicles, companies for transport of goods and customs. The efficacy of disinfection would need to be further tested in order to assess the exact amount of time users need to spend in the tunnel, whether they need protective gear for their eyes, as well as whether this solution would be more appropriate for users entering or exiting a contamination zone.